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Your new job: Playing a key role in the digital CRM Marketing transformation across 9 countries in Europe!

  • Transform CRM marketing to a leading standard
  • Get complete freedom in unifying the way all CRM campaigns are executed
  • Enable top-of-class data driven and personalized campaigns (while also being involved on a hands-on level)

Cutting edge consumer electronics

This industry defining player has been around for over a century and has established their brand as a well-known and leading presence all around the globe.

Their product enables and inspires people to capture and eternalize the precious moments in one’s life and the various beauties of nature, ranging from passionate hobbyists to award winning industry creatives.

At the same time, the company is also breaking ground in advancing medical, biological and astronomical science with the technology they provide!

Despite their success and worldwide presence, things are far from having reached their full potential when it comes to Digital Marketing.

Digital transformation:

The unutilized potential has been recognized, and as a result they are now at the forefront of a digital transformation across Europe.

As it stands, the various countries are still working independently, almost isolated from one another.

The company is looking to unify the way of thinking and working across the continent to create a clearly defined DNA when it comes to their digital communications, while also maximizing the potential their technology tool stack offers to lift the complexity of their digital marketing to class-leading standard.

To make this possible, they are also working on a cultural transformation. While originating from Japan, their traditional influences have minimal presence in the digital marketing team.

However, to ensure an environment that enables and stimulates the best in the people that Europe and The Netherlands are known for, they are currently ensuring the implementation of a culture that will be vital for the success the company is striving towards.

One thing that they are still missing however, is the specialist that is to lead the CRM Marketing on a European scale.

So if you are looking for an opportunity to challenge yourself and make a massive impact within the company on a European scale, while working with a product that touches the lives of millions of people, then this is the place to do it!

The job: CRM Marketing Lead

As highlighted before, a lot is going to change in regards to the CRM marketing. Right now things do really go beyond a newsletter and the occasional campaign with very little personalisation behind it. You would be in the lead to change this.

You would be in charge of defining the strategy as to how The CRM campaigns should be done across 9 countries in Europe!

From what message to send, to the contact strategy and personalization, to how the journeys are built. From top to bottom you will be defining how CRM Marketing is supposed to be done on a continental scale!

With that, come the alignment of the participating countries (The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Poland).

The alignment of 9 countries:

Right now, every country does campaigns their own way and they don’t really know how the campaigns are done in other countries. As a result, quality varies wildly.

On this level, you would be responsible for aligning with the other countries and work with the various stakeholders to implement a centralised way of campaigning

Lastly, when it comes to leading the channel, you are one to lead by example.

You are involved on a hands-on level to create the campaigns so you can show how it’s done. While doing so, you will be working with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and their CDP.

With the most popular tool stack on the market you have everything at your disposal to do what you need to make envisioned change by you a reality!

The only thing they are missing now Is the right person to help them… So if you are looking for a challenge where your efforts will make a massive impact, then this is the job for you!  

What do we need from you?

As the new CRM Marketing lead we would need the following from you:

  • At least 3+ years of experience as a CRM Marketing specialist
  • Preferably experience in an international environment
  • Experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud is nice to have
  • The ability to take leading initiative 
  • Having some experience with SEO is strictly a nice addition

What will you get in return?

  • A base salary between €4.500,- and €5.000,- based on 37,5 hours
  • A variable 8% performance based bonus
  • 26 holidays, plus one extra for every year of employment (max of 31)
  • A 100% covered pension scheme
  • Collective health insurance
  • Internet allowance

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