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  • Are you a brand specialist? Have worked either on the north and south, east and west of brands and /or agency side?
  • Do you have a bullseye focus for what and how brand can communicate who they are to their audience?
  • In charge of online media presence and has a deep love for numbers, growth and ROI? Can keep the gold coins flowing in?
  • Are you creative in building every measurable strategy to make a lovely noise in every screen?
  • Challenged by digital transformations and a business person who can bridge the gap between technology and marketing?
  • Do you think you can be the knight, a general to this digital battlefield?

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Your Next Castle: Silently building their camp in Singapore | A Multi-national Digital Agency

 A digital agency providing solutions within the made realm of Analytics, Digital Marketing and Digital Technology.
With over 700 employees and spread out presence in across 30+ countries, their recipe is built around valuing culture and customer success. Combining very high work ethics, transparency and a growing environment for learning, they have no doubt produced platoons of experts within a fast-paced & action-filled training and development arena associated to direct success in every fight face by their clients.

 The Role: Account Manager | Conquer Singapore then SEA Region

 Towards your client/s

  • Devise clear and holistic understanding on the business of the client
  • Define together the status quo and establish the direction in where client will want to go, all the more present a horizon the agency can bring them into given track record, existing solutions (Fact Presentations)
  • Utilize background in analytics (and key areas in digital but not limited to—analytics, digital marketing, digital technology) to extract insights
  • Establish strengths and weaknesses in the current marketing efforts and leverage on the possibilities on current presence and expand on their current platforms with an improved strategy
  • Brainstorm with the client in exploring solutions through both needs and goals analysis, present solutions and fabricate new ones (liaising back to the team)
  • Based on research, be able to determine areas for marketing opportunities and present a guided process in achieving and establishing strong results
  • Maintain and cater to the clients that would be trickle down to the customers that every effort to reach them is a personalized valued effort to succeed in providing needs, product and/or service
  • Establish KPI, look after growth and deliver to a spotless quality of service, treating the client’s business as if it was your own, make them happily come back for more assistance which is directly related to a growing success, traced back to a cohesive effort in representing the agency
  • Understand the pain of the clients, and provide the turn-around point to them, being a positive account manager in promoting an environment of continuous success

Towards your agency

  • Lay down clearly the goals to be able to plan and communicate with the team how KPIs can be met
  • Plan, strategize and oversee deadlines, budget, liaise back to the team from ideation to execution
  • Manage clients’ expectation in the timeline, quality and result to make sure everything is aligned
  • Be the first level of screening and quality testing
  • Grow the account by upselling and cross-selling solutions
  • Keep track of performance

What is required?

  • With at least 2 years in Digital marketing
  • Doing a level of operational groundwork in analytics (Google certification preferred but not required), understanding performance and forecasting
  • In-depth understating in Digital Marketing
  • An element of selling solutions
  • Excellent communicator and effective presenter (measured by effectiveness)
  • Technical Skills: Advanced MS Excel, Data Analysis, Powerpoint skills, Microsoft Office
  • Strong attention to detail


  • A go-getter
  • An easily bored person who keeps improving, keeps exploring marketing opportunities and not afraid to present factual possibilities
  • Hungry for digital
  • Flexible and able to deliver expected quality of work even while, during, and in-between travels
  • A passionate person who wants to explore the possibilities for both the client and the agency and curious enough to bridge the gap between branding and performance marketing
  • A positive person who stimulates a very encouraging environment, demonstrating a balanced personality

What is offered?

  • Salary at max SGD 48,000 per year depending on level of experience
  • Exposure to all things digital. Be trained and learn digital at a 360 degree perspective
  • Be surrounded by a team of brainstormers and action-seekers, a multi-awarded agency commended for their track record in performance for brands handled
  • Be part of an innovative agency who can provide multi-variate solutions
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Rey Gigataras

Team Leader & Recruitment Consultant Senior Digital

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