Digital Planner, Global Agency | Social, Data-Oriented, Creative Mind |Salary up to SGD 4.5k Max

  • Have you been working in digital advertising agencies within a Planner function?
  • Do you enjoy data-driven, viral and creative campaigns that deliver results?
  • Have you already worked on global brands?
  • Are you adept to working with cross-functional teams?

Then this could be the big opportunity you have long been prepared to take! 

Your new employer: Global Leader for Global Players

Capitalizing on the rise of social media, this creatively-lead agency is at the forefront of enabling a forward-thinking approach for some of the world’s most renowned global brands. They have been around for more than a decade now and has impacted their global footprint across a wide array of verticals such as within gaming, consumer tech, fashion, internet and so much more.
At the core, they provoke a different kind of thinking that makes sense tick. Leveraging on technology to empower people and drive business value is at the core of their offering. It’s no coincidence they are able to work on a big scale.

Your next Role; Digital Planner

New Business
It all starts here, whether it is new business or for an existing account, you play a crucial role in providing substance to the campaigns that will unlock success both for the agency and the clients. Through your specialization in leveraging on the power of digital and social media through generating and powerful insights that build up brands toward multiple valuable results, you will come to work with a strong sense of purpose every day. You will be meeting prospective clients, presenting credentials, taking briefs and leading pitches. You will push the team into new areas, sell ideas and approaches to new clients from new sectors.
As you take in client briefs, challenge and develop them into inspiring and informative internal briefs, you will be keeping abreast of new trends and developments and sharing those with the rest of the team and company on a regular basis. You are a Subject Matter Expert. You will be responsible for turning ideas into well-rounded, strategically-sound, deliverable plans that you lead and write, collaborating with others in the team to encompass audience insights, trend analysis, marketing/media executions, timings and budgets
Research and Analysis
As an already creative problem-solver, it is given that you have soaring levels of intellectual curiosity. The foundation is where it is built is in your good understanding of research approaches (on and offline) and be able to apply these approaches to uncover breakthrough insights that can drive our client business forward. It’s a way of thinking plus exposure and experience to different cases therefore frameworks and methodologies.
You get to drive the conception and development of innovative on-brief digital ideas for clients and/or new business, from bigger campaign themes to smaller execution/technology-led ideas. You get to guide and lead the ideas-generation process, identifying and building on any ideas from other people within the agency.

Your thoughts do not sleep in your head. You are intelligent in articulating those plans for clients in written and spoken form – writing and giving clear presentations. Once ideas are sold-in, you will then be the guardian of that plan, ensuring it's delivered in a way that remains on-brief and in-line with the agreed vision. This involves working closely with those implementing all elements, from designers, to developers to marketing managers.
The ins and outs of the business and that of our clients will make sense to you systematically as you get the hang of the processes and culture in the agency. You are someone who has a keen understanding and focus on how client’s business works, with ability to develop strategic approaches and frameworks to help grow their brands.

 What would we like you to bring 

You are experienced when it comes to digital media projects, and definitely highly creative. You have the proven experience & abilities in handling  global accounts/projects on the planning scope.
Relationship Management
Your ability to pool people’s insights together with the help of technology will keep you on top of your game. Therefore you have the natural ability to get the best of out of people, and keep them engaged in the process. You are confident in taking ownership and understands the value of fostering a healthy and long-term relationship building.
You are someone who can demonstrate why their ideas are analytically sound. Your ability to collaborate is sharp and intentional. Your attention to detail and information is crucial. You lead people to an open communication to get to superb results. It’s one thing to know what to do, it’s another topic to communicate and effectively run them with your colleagues. Trust and communication is key.
Analytical and Solution Finder
Your high level of curiosity leads to finding out where problems really lie. Being solution-oriented enables you to care for the projects and the team so things will be done better or risks and mistakes will be mitigated or avoided.
You Are Decisive
You represent the agency, therefore you have confidence in yourself and in your team. What you do is neat. You are highly organized and there’s a never ending process to being more effective.


Opportunity of a Lifetime: 

  • Grow within a company, each day counts, and so will your years
  • Salary of up to SGD 4,500 max (depending on level of experience)
  • Work with passionate and receptive people with whom you will build the company with
  • An opportunity to be build yourself, focus on great work and do more with a supportive team
  • Take pride in how the company and your project performs
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Jamaica Oliva

Senior Recruitment Manager Sales & Marketing

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