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The company | “The Scent of Success”

This fast-growing company has started last year October and have sold 16k bottles in just a year time, with 30% being repeat customers – So you can be very sure of the quality and the fact that their customers loved what they receive.
Facebook has been the main marketing channel in the past year, currently they spend from USD 2,000 to USD 6,000 on a daily basis – and this is purely US/UK market before scaling up, they are ready to spend more as long as they hit the CPA target.

What do they want to achieve

They are working on shipping the products globally and that means they need to have an expert who can work closely with FB and Kenshoo on understanding different markets, as well as to grow the brand via paid advertising in a very scale-able manner.

The role | Social Media Specialist | How can this opportunity be valuable to your career

Their business model is unique and they have very different stats compared to the usual beauty eCommerce company, just to give an example, their repeat orders happen within 30 days.

Opportunity to work with the top Specialists in FB and Google directly, they also do interesting campaigns such as Kickstarter/China marketing so you will get to work on very different campaign strategies targeting very different audiences.

Job Scope

  • Work closely with the management to improve the conversion funnel
  • Manage Facebook strategy together with the C-level and Facebook Enterprise team
  • Handle the day-to-day optimization of Facebook campaigns
  • Setup QBR template to analyze company's sales growth and tailor action plans
  • Work closely with the team to come out with social campaign ideas as well as maintaining evergreen ad creatives
  • Have open opportunity to learn and explore other marketing channels i.e. programmatic, email etc
  • 70% on Facebook Paid Ad and 30% would be on experimenting other channels.

What welcome the most are new ideas, be new vertical, different strategy – anything that helps the brand to grow globally.


  • Experience in Paid Social, mainly Facebook
  • Exposure to GA and UTM Tagging
  • Experience with setting up 5 figures budgets a month
  • Experience with 3rd party database
  • Knowledge of growth strategy, able to plan experiments and scaling structure
  • Exposure to tools like DCM and Sizmek
  • Start-up mentality and ready to get hands dirty to grow the brand
  • Ability to monitor data closely without too much help of tools
  • Exposure to Marketing Communication



  • No limit to budget spent as long as you have everything under control!
  • Competitive Salary and willing to pay for value
  • Flexible working location i.e. for 1~2 days in the week the team can meet up at coffee shop for 1/2 day to catch up before going home to continue working
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Rey Gigataras

Team Leader & Recruitment Consultant Senior Digital

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