SEO Manager for a Company that focuses on Mastery| Work with the latest SEO Tools and Strategies | SGD 6,000

  • Do you love to drive unprecedented traffic and keywords for all SEO works you have?
  • Are you yourself inspired? Contagiously inspiring because you take with you being self-driven?
  • Do you want to be a part of a company who is a niche specialist in search marketing?
  • Do you believe the way to succeed is to focus on one thing and constantly honing craft crawling up a wall you hit or simply you will never hit a wall?
  • To you, a real expert is never finished? There’s never an end? Only milestones established?
  • Are you crazy hyper about jumping to doing more SEO strategies for various kinds of verticals and markets?
  • Are you a passionate person in general? Is it obvious in your work and how people perceive you?

Then this might be the next great move for your career

Company: Organic, Targeted, Performance-driven.FOCUSED

This company has been around for almost 20 years now, an agency, a master of craft and honing crafts-ship. The very reason they exist is to help companies take advantage of innovations within the marketing sphere. Things will move fast, goals do not change, only amplified and reached in various creative ways. They serve as business partners to various industries in the market. So far, they have expended to cater to various regions and have teams across different countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, California, Dubai etc.
A diverse team united by a common purpose—Mastery. Mastery achieved through provision of real marketing solutions to their clients. Therefore, honing their own people is a big deal. Having gone through adaptation in the business, this agency has grown to be more strategic in their approach where they are hiring more team members to allow focus on quality, focus on long-term business with their clients. Does this sound like the company exactly to your taste? Exactly the next step for you where you are curious to see if you can plot out a long-term career with? 

Deliver Results. Search Marketing. SEO

You are an without a doubt THE EXPERT. Less of talk, more of actions. You love your work and you are very passionate about growth within your chosen field.

The Role; SEO Manager

  • As a Lead within the team you will develop and implement effective SEO strategies for the improvement of organic traffic and search ranking and the maximization of ROI.
  • As someone in constant pursuit of learning, guidance and mentorship, you will support the SEO Technical Director and team to execute SEO strategies, implementations and update on the project planning to ensure smooth workflow.
  • Being someone who is very much detail-oriented, you are expected to be well versed in preparing SEO reports on a fortnightly and monthly basis to be shared with client and identifying areas for improvement.
  • In this progressive company, you will use a variety of tools, competitive research and other methods to discover optimal keyword targets appropriate to the business needs of the client.
  • Staying on top of things, you will oversee SEO campaigns which encompass Technical Auditing and Onsite Implementation, Link Outreach and Content development.
  • There’s plenty of support available, collaborative work must be effectively implemented, you will work with a team of SEO Techs, Content Writers, Campaign Managers, Paid Media and Sales team.
  • For various useful reference and smooth workflow, you will format reports and provide top-line insights for on-going performance reviews.
  • Never leaving your technical side, you are easily able to demonstrate understanding of how duplicate content and page load speed affects SEO by advising clients on best practices for successful implementation and improvement.
  • There are no shortcuts, you will analyze backlinks to client and competitor sites to identify outdated links, 404s, incorrect redirects, or opportunities for competitive improvement.
  • Without a need for reminder as your environment would be inducing enough for times where you need a bit of push to work on your own knowledge, you are someone who demonstrates a hunger to stay abreast of the latest industry developments, and factor these into your day to day work.
  • At the end of it all, your share of the campaigns is a means for achieving business goals, you definitely understand metrics and KPIs and continually suggest optimizations to improve performance
  • Being one of the main go-to-person for SEO, you will apply, and be able to explain, SEO best practices for site navigation, breadcrumbing, internal links (including anchor text optimization), and HTML sitemaps to client websites.
  • Additionally, you are someone who not only passionately applies SEO, but also someone easily ready to explain, SEO best practices for domain, sub-domain and directory structure to client websites.
  • Doing some minor maintenance work, you will ensure monitoring of clients sites regularly for crawling and indexing issues. Issues identified will be surfaced to the respective Campaign Manager and Technical Director, documented for client communication/follow-up.

What we would like you to bring:

  • You are a seasoned SEO professional, it takes a minimum of 5 years relevant, hands-on SEO experience to achieve this.
  • You are highly familiar and experienced in using SEO tools such as Screaming Frog, AHREFS, SimilarWeb and SEMrush.
  • You are someone with a solid knowledge of search engine spider, crawl and indexing process, while understanding the importance of XML sitemaps, robots.txt files, status code errors fix.
  • As part of an agency, which you have a very good idea of the speed of things, you are able to produce high quality work within a fast paced, dynamic environment.
  • Being in a senior and lead role, you definitely have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Knowing things end to end, you have a strong familiarity with the web development process, including the important points at which SEO must be considered.
  • Regular use and understanding of Google Analytic and Google Search Console metrics.
  • Constant pursuit to be strategic by being someone who has established constant knowledge of client’s business, competition and latest industry news and trends.
  • Mature and successful in taking control of your own time. Be effective time management skills with an ability to multitask and prioritize
  • Strong attention to detail, nitty-gritty for details
  • Ability to present and communicate ideas in a coherent and effective manner throughout the process of the projects
  • Prior experience in a media agency preferred
  • A ‘Can Do’ attitude
  • A track record of successful SEO program execution in both B2B and B2C settings, particularly with a lead generation focus;

What they offer:

  • Competitive salary depending on your level
  • Be part of a niche specialist company, go-to experts
  • Develop yourself into a consultant or a certain pathway for individually defined career
  • Strong balance between learning and execution, receive mentorship from the best people managers and highly skilled in the industry
  • Work with a very good mentor, in an environment that allows you to learn what you seek, exposes you to good people in the industry
  • Strong collaborative work across other departments within the agency, work with the biggest names in the industry and step up to the challenge of handling SMEs
  • Work in a positive and vibrant office, who cares deeply about their team
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