Stay funky, relevant, be your awesome self, side by side with a geeky competitive team | Hey to the next Social Media Manager | Team-lead, salary up to SGD 4,500

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  • Do you want to be a part of a marketing consultancy agency that will expose you to various creative marketing solutions within the digital domain?
  • Have you worked in an agency yourself and within the social media domain?
  • Do you want to be a part of team that is a known and trusted local independent agency in Singapore?
  • Do you want to go funky and fun with a team that has a flat hierarchy, allowing you to collaborate across various teams?
  • Are you prepared to lead a team?

Then this could be the big opportunity you have long been prepared to take! 

 Your new employer: They have fun solving problems, they celebrate projects in confidence, because why not be a geek, weird and fun altogether?

Your new employer has the best of what Singapore has to offer—culture, growth, fun people, fun projects, opportunities to rise to challenges, hone creativity and problem solving skills, takes pride in striking a balance through high performance and high level of care within the company.
This agency is not too young. It has been around in the late 200s, although they managed to stay young, vibrant, new, soulful and relevant. This is clear through their projects, clients, awards and own people. This company is not your ordinary agency. Each day is the same—whereby you are always itching to come back to work alongside your teammates. Do you want to step up your game in Social Media? Do you want to be surrounded by seasoned professionals, alongside the young blood?   

Your next Role; Social Media Manager 

As a Social Media Manager:

  • Firstly, you know the ins and outs of Social Media, this is something you have been doing for about 4 years now
  • You have ample knowledge and experience on how projects work from start to finish and what happens in between, the teams you need, the resources you will manage, the client relationship you know well how to keep
  • On a day-today basis, you will lead and help manage Client's social media accounts and their content requirements.
  • Absolutely excited to work with content creators to create compelling content and stories is no question a feeder to your positive vibe
  • As a manager in the team, you have junior colleagues working with you, you will support them, you will be a part of their maturity in this industry
  • Being a forever student of your own chosen expertise, you will work within a variety of social media platforms, social media management tools, and content management systems to publish content
  • As a lead in the domain, you will devise and manage social media content calendars for brands along with managing posts and comments.
  • Moderate all user-generated content in line with the moderation policy for each community
  • Identify, locate and engage with advocates and influencers within social communities to build relationships
  • Setting up the journey to success, you will set realistic goals for deliverables, approvals, timelines and metrics
  • Always on top of things,  you will monitor and listen to online conversation within (and sometimes outside of) client communities, grabbing opportunities as they arise.
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of the campaign, you will monitor trends in community management approaches, best practices and tools, experimenting with new trends and applications

 What would we like you to bring 

  • Bring with you your years of education and experience
  • Your vigor for doing things you are passionate about is a must
  • Your open-mindedness to ideas, approaches, creativity and ability to be challenge and to give challenge to others
  • Your true fun self, your willingness to step up your game and enthusiasm to learn
  • Your no-shortcut approach to success
  • Your knowledge within the social media domain
  • Your ability to form and foster great relationships with everyone
  • Your non-apologetic high standards


Opportunity of a Lifetime: 

  • Grow within a company, each day counts, and so will your years
  • Salary of up to SGD 4.5k
  • Work with passionate and receptive people whom you will build the company with
  • An opportunity to be one of a kind of a Social Media Manager
  • See yourself with oozing confidence, silent and humble with your own credits
  • Travel perks with the team
  • Take pride in how the company and your project performs
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Jamaica Oliva

Senior Recruitment Manager Sales & Marketing

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