Creative Starter/Junior | Photoshop | Social Media | 2.100,- gross per month, based on 32 hours | 100% Remote

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Your new job: The Creative Starter/Junior that’s going to work with visual content to develop the machine learning capabilities of the world famous social media platform with over 300 Million active users per day | 100% Remote

  • Are you a starter or junior creative marketeer with image editing experience looking for a serious opportunity to give your career a phenomenal kickstart?
  • Do you have an affinity with photoshop and content marketing and would you like to work on a project that’s going to impact over 300 million active users per day?
  • How about working on the development of machine learning for one of the most famous social media platforms on the planet?
  • And would you like to be a part of one of the best consulting agencies on the planet with over half a million employees worldwide?

If yes, then this opportunity might be the one for you! Read on! 

Your new employer: One of the Big 4 in consulting, working on the exclusive project to boost the quality of one of the most well know Social Media platforms | Location: 100% Remote

So let’s start at the employer itself, one of the 4 biggest consulting firms worldwide. Your new employer pretty much defined the industry and the way of working throughout countless aspects of commercial businesses. They strategically lead big names such as Coca Cola, The World Wildlife Fund, Takeaway towards their success. This counts for just about any globally recognized brand you dare to name!

To be able to consult world leading companies such as these you need to be part of the best there are. Your new employer houses some of the smartest and most capable people in the market to tackle these incredible challenges, and the results they create affect they way their clients operate on a global scale. Working with people like this would open up a huge opportunity to develop yourself as a professional like very few other employers can offer.

And what happens after working a few years for such an amazing employer? You will have earned recognition that you were part of the best! Should you in future look for a different employer, then the track record that you'll have earned will be an automatic advantage. Who doesn’t want to work with an employee that’s been part of the best? So if you are looking to get a serious kickstart in your career, then this is the place to do it!

Your new job: The Creative Starter/Junior that will work on developing the machine learning capabilities for one of the most famous social media platforms on the planet, with over 300 Million active users per day!

Social media is an inseparable part of our modern day lives. The reach you will have with a social media platform that plays on the same level as Facebook and Instagram is absolutely massive as a result. This platform aims to deliver the most relevant creative content to its users every day, based on their interests, while also moderating the safety of the platform. If you are looking for a boost in your career, then this is the company you want to work for!

In order to do this they are making heavy use of a new algorithm, meaning you'll get to work on a technologically advanced project. This algorithm is able to recognise specific types of content, so it can promote this to users that are interested in the topic. In order to do this however, this algorithm needs to be developed and learn to recognize what it is looking at. This is the part where you and machine learning come in to make a massive impact on the improvement of the quality of the platform!

So how does this work? You will be working on creating collections of specific visual content that you can see on the platform. Within these collections you will work with photoshop to create and/or edit the content in a way that allows the algorithm to understand its characteristics. The algorithm can then use these collections as information. The goal is that you will help to teach the algorithm, so that In time the algorithm will then start to recognize content without extra help anymore. Doing this will allow you to learn to work with technologies that will aid you in the future of your career.

Once the algorithm can understand what it’s looking at, it can help in promoting content that the users want to see. At the same time it can also check if any content is appropriate for the platform, so you will also have contributed to the safety of the platform! So not only can you make a massive impact on the technological development of a world famous social media platform, you also ensure a greater quality of experience for its 300+ million daily active users!

What do we need from you?

As the new Creative Starter/Junior that will work as part of the Big 4 in consulting for one of the most prominent Social Media platforms on the planet, we need the following from you:

  • Experience with any sort of image editing software, such as Photoshop
  • You are available between 28 and 40 hours per week
  • Strong communicative capabilities are required
  • You are currently living in The Netherlands

What will you get in return?

  • Salary of 2.100 per month, based on 32 hours
  • A huge boost for your self development
  • 100% remote working
  • The chance to further develop you career within the company

Is this going to be your next job?

Take the step and let us hear from you! Apply immediately via the application button below, send your CV and motivation to or give us a call at +31 20 8200 676.

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