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The best tips for a successful job interview

A successful application process is largely due to thorough preparation. We are familiar with the market and know how you can present yourself as well as possible to our clients. You can find our best job interview tips via the link below.

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Frequently asked questions

Below you will find our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, then please leave a message via our contact form, or contact one of our colleagues directly via +31 (0)20 8200 676.

Finest People is a recruitment consultancy that focuses on the higher segment within online marketing and -sales. On the one hand, we help digital professionals like you take the best next step in their careers, and on the other hand, we help employers to find new colleagues who contribute to the growth of their organisation.

If you apply for one of our jobs, we will receive a notification, and you will receive a confirmation by e-mail that your application has arrived correctly. We are the only one who will see your application. And we will only introduce you to a client once we both know for sure whether there is a match between you and the company.

In your application confirmation we ask you to fill in our intake form so that we can get a better idea of your professional background. The consultant responsible for the job in question will then contact you as soon as possible.

If you want to find out more straightaway, then you can always call our office. Call +31 (0)20 8200 676 to ask for the consultant listed under the job and refer to the job title!

Applications that you leave on our website will only be seen by Finest People. We will only introduce you to our clients when we are sure that you fit the role well, and if you see yourself working there.

Application procedure: In a nutshell, we divided our application process into 6 steps:

Step 1 – Apply: Apply by filling in the fields below a job description. After your application we will contact you as soon as possible. Direct contact? You can always reach us via the landline.

Step 2 – Getting acquainted: We’ll get to know you, discuss your professional background, determine your USPs and look at roles which would also be interesting for you.

Step 3 – Introduction: Enthusiastic about a job? And you meet the requirements? Then we will introduce you to our client!

Step 4 – Getting to know each other: If the client’s interest is mutual, we will schedule an introductory meeting for you. Here you can make a strong first impression and discuss the role.

Step 5 – The follow-up interview: There is a click! Now we are going further down the path. It often happens that you are asked to make a case study during or prior to this interview.

Step 6 – A match! Are both parties enthusiastic? Does it feel good? And are you happy with the conditions? Then we can congratulate you on your new job!

Finest People specialises in digital marketing & sales jobs. With us you will find affiliate marketing jobs, content jobs, CRM jobs, CRO jobs, jobs in data analytics, data science jobs, database marketing jobs, display advertising jobs, e-commerce jobs, e-mail marketing jobs, growth hacking jobs, marketing jobs, marketplaces jobs, jobs in media planning, mobile jobs, online marketing jobs, product owner jobs, programmatic advertising jobs, SEA and SEO jobs, social advertising jobs, web analytics jobs, SaaS sales jobs, media sales jobs, e-commerce sales jobsand advertising sales jobs.

Our most important tip (and also the most obvious one) is to start preparing a few days in advance. After all, a smooth job interview starts with strong preparation.

Our clients range from the smallest start-ups to organisations that are among the world’s largest stakeholders in their sector. For example Publishers, Advertisers, Affiliates, Media and Performance agencies, Tech players, NGOs, E-commerce platforms, SaaS platforms, etc.

If you want to stay up to date with the latest digital marketing and -ales vacancies, you can sign up in the footer for e-mail notifications. We will only send you a message if a new vacancy in your desired field is posted!

We are always open to talent! Take a look at our career page to see if there currently are any interesting vacant positions that suit you.

Find the newest jobs via LinkedIn

Keep an eye on the Finest People LinkedIn company page to keep up to date with our latest digital marketing & -sales jobs. Job descriptions are often posted on LinkedIn before they are published on our website!

Finest People on LinkedIn

Digital marketing jobs in Amsterdam

Are you a digital marketing professional? Looking for challenging digital marketing jobs? Then you’ve come to the right page. Finest People helps you with finding the most suitable digital marketing jobs in Amsterdam and surrounding areas.

You can contact us for e-mail marketeer jobs, campaign developer jobs, jobs for content specialists, SEO jobs, SEA jobs, SEM jobs, web analyst jobs, data analyst jobs, digital marketing jobs, affiliate marketing jobs, CRM jobs, CRO jobs, data science jobs, e-commerce jobs, growth hacking jobs, marketplaces jobs, product owner jobs, programmatic jobs, social media advertising jobs and more.

Digital marketing jobs by field

Our digital marketing jobs are broken down by field. This allows you to search specifically for the jobs in which you specialize. In order to provide strong support, a specialized consultant is assigned to each field of expertise.

Digital sales jobs in Amsterdam

Finest People has a wide range of digital sales jobs in and around Amsterdam. You can contact us for account manager jobs, sales manager jobs, jobs for sales directors, sales development representative & -executive jobs, business development representative & -executive jobs, partnership manager jobs, team lead sales jobs, (junior) sales jobs, SaaS sales jobs, BDR jobs, SDR jobs and more.

Digital sales jobs by field

Our offer of digital sales jobs is subdivided by field so that you can search specifically for sales jobs in which you specialise. We specialise, among other things, in jobs within SaaS, MarTech, E-commerce & Advertising.As every recruitment consultant at Finest People has its own niche focus within digital sales, we can offer you strong support in making a career move.

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