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Hiring e-commerce specialists?

Finest People is an Amsterdam-based recruitment agency (since 2010) with focus on e-commerce specialists. We connect organizations with e-commerce specialists for both permanent and temporary employment, so you never have to deal with (temporary) capacity shortage. Whether you’re hiring an e-commerce starter, hiring an e-commerce specialist, or hiring a complete e-commerce team.

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Advice from our specialized recruiter

Every recruiter at Finest People has an own focus discipline within digital marketing or -sales. Frank Rück is our specialized e-commerce recruiter. He has a proven track record in his niche and is up to date with all the ins and outs of the Dutch e-commerce landscape. Any questions regarding hiring e-commerce specialists? Get in touch with Frank!

About Frank

E-commerce vacancy-check

Briefly describe your vacant e-commerce role(s) in the corresponding field if you want us to check (non-committal) what we can do for your organization.

To determine (and double-check) who you’re exactly looking for, our e-commerce recruitment consultant will thoroughly review your vacant e-commerce position(s). From the moment the ideal profile is set, and there’s an agreement on the search, you’ll be introduced to the first potential candidates.

All e-commerce specialists introduced by Finest People are always aware of when and to whom they are introduced. To ensure a smooth hiring process, both candidate and client are provided with as much information as possible.

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Brand promise

Our biggest promise is that we’ll always find you a suitable e-commerce specialist who wants to meet up for an interview. If we’re not sure we can deliver, we won’t start the assignment.

In addition, we promise the best guidance for both client and candidate. With always open and honest communication.

Eventually we can only prove this by doing it: “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”. You can try out our services without risk and without cost (in advance) with one of our products: No cure no pay. With this service you’ll only pay when someone is actually hired.


Looking for an e-commerce specialist?

If you’re taking the long-term growth of your organization into account, hiring an e-commerce specialist could be more favorable than outsourcing work in this area. With hiring an e-commerce specialist, you acquire and retain knowledge, you can execute assignments directly, and the costs are considerably lower at the end of the line.

More information

Hiring a specialist with the right motivation

Because we always take development as our starting point, we’ll only introduce interesting e-commerce specialists that match your requested background, experience and skills. And if the motivation of the e-commerce specialist is right.

Hiring an e-commerce specialist should always be a well-considered decision. That’s why you can always get in touch with our specialized e-commerce recruiter for a tailored consult and cost estimation without obligation.



We’re known for always living up to our one core purpose: development. We stand for the development of our clients’ organisations, our candidates’ careers, our team members as individuals, and for the development of Finest People as an organisation.

Recruiting e-commerce specialists

We can assist you in appointing an e-commerce specialist to strengthen your team, but we can also support you in setting up a complete e-commerce team to strengthen the market position of your organization.

Regardless what your wishes are, Finest People will guide you in every step of hiring your desired e-commerce specialist(s). First we will go through the needs of your organization, discuss the proposition to get a bigger picture, and eventually consult our e-commerce network.

After we have created a shortlist with potential candidates, we will introduce you to the best matching e-commerce specialist and help you schedule the interviews. If desired, we can also bring out advice on how to optimize these interviews.


Transparent communication

It would be a waste of time for both parties if a lot of effort is invested into a relationship, when you could have known that it would not lead to the desired result. That’s why we’re always open in our communication, and why we’re giving our best advice at all times, leaving both clients and candidates free in their choices.

Hiring an e-commerce specialist, or want to know more about hiring an e-commerce specialist? Leave a message via the contact form, or directly contact our e-commerce recruiter Frank Ruck, via +3120 8200 676.

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