Social Media Manager Europe | Automotive | Be in charge of all Social Media Coverage for Europe | Up-to 55k a year | Amsterdam

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  • Do you have 3-5 years of experience as organic Social Media Manager and are you ready for the next step?
  • Do you want to work for a Highly Funded Disrupting Automotive Scale-Up that uses Amsterdam as it’s homebase with 30+ locations in Europe?
  • Do you want to be guided in becoming the mastermind behind the entire organic Social presence, helping and directing stakeholders in up to 25 different countries?

If this is you? Search no further and read on! Build your career and join an ambitious international team.

Join this highly funded upcoming advertising giant

Our clients is one of the companies in todays industry that has the highest growth potential. It is founded just under 2 years ago as the result of an incredible market inefficiency. Founded by it’s mother company, one of the market leaders in Europe, this organisation is the best funded scale-up of its kind. This means that they have the funds to create something of enormous scale, you will work with high advertising budgets and above market-level salary.
With the large capital available this organisation is planning to take over Europe from their headquarters located in Amsterdam, targeting 20+ countries with 30+ locations via multi-language, multi-country and multi-vertical campaigns. In order to conquer Europe this organisation is looking for the best of the best, this shows by them investing huge amounts in acquiring and insourcing almost all types of online performance marketing specialists you can think of. With all this knowledge inhouse there is so much to learn and get experience with when working at this organisation.

Work as Social Media Manager with a multi-million target audience, both B2C and B2B

During the first 2 years a lot of the organisation has been built up to it’s current size. However, they still need to expand the size of the team in order to handle scaling to multi-million euro monthly Adspend. Therefore, they are looking for all types of professionals that will join the team with loads of ideas and motivation to implement them. So you will get a lot of freedom in helping this organisation grow. Do you have what it takes to bring this organisation to a new level by using your knowledge and roll your sleeve up attitude? Keep reading because it gets even better!

Become the Social Media Manager for the fastest growing automotive disrupter in the industry

The rapid growth of this company resulted in them creating a physical presence in over 20 countries in only 1,5 years. They have grown so fast as they're expanding through what they call blitzscaling, with the use a lot of capital from their mother organisation they have been able to grow faster than all of its competitors. Very important to know, this organisation is a completely separate entity and therefore not only highly funded but also much more agile then it’s big brother as it doesn’t have time for all the bureaucracy. Meaning that in this organisation you will have a lot of room for trying and testing while having influence on the direction of the company. In addition, good ideas can be scaled to immense size as it is so well funded. All they ask of you is to work hard, be creative and be flexible when direction of this scale-up changes 180 degrees while you’ll be part of the success of this market leader.

Become the key-centralised point of Europe for as their Organic Social Media Manager

For their branding team this advertiser is looking for a Social Media Manager, you will work in the team with a copywriter, a creative, 2 content specialist and a brand manager. But the team is ever expanding as this advertiser keeps on opening new locations with their blitzscaling strategy. Within this position you will not only be in charge of managing the global social media accounts and creating the social content with your team. You will also help with the structuring of all the local, central and regional content. So this is an ideal position where you’ll have enormous influence and a lot of room for ideas and creativity, it actually is expected. From Amsterdam you will be the creative mastermind behind the entire of organic social presence of this advertiser, working with stakeholders and translators in up to 25 countries.  This means that you will be in a key position in the company early on. For this position it is required to have a strong knowledge of strategy, whilst being willing to do the groundwork as well. So this is a unique opportunity that consists of a combination of strategy, hands-on work and creativity.

A strong knowledge foundation that supports creativity

But this vast growth is also supported by data. All local and regional information regarding user information (including social user data, likes and comments) is centralized in their DMP (Data Management Platform). Therefore you are able to build on a consistent brand supported by data rather than just intuition. But data is not the focus of this position, creativity is.
This is the moment to join an upcoming market leader as Social Media Manager in an early stage. They want you to work hard, and also be flexible when direction changes 180 degrees as it is still a scale-up. Yet this is a great place, great salary and amazing for your CV as you're helping build one of the biggest brands of its kind, as none of its competitors are funded as highly.
Are you interested to see if this is for you, reply now and we can discuss!

Who are you?

  • An ambitious professional Social Media Manager ready for the next step in your career
  • 3-5 years of experience in Social Media Management
  • Creative mindset
  • Tenacious, hard-driving self-starter who will do what it takes to hit goals
  • Strong in strategy, but also eagerness to stay operational while the company grows
  • Strong bonus if you speak Dutch
  • Bonus if you have graphic and video editing skills

 What do they have to offer?

  • Salary up to €55.000 a year
  • A great opportunity to become the key player in its social media presence
  • Highly motivated and easy-going international colleagues with a lot of knowledge to share
  • Being able to work with one of the highest Adspend in the industry
  • Open culture that is open to a lot of ideas you are allowed to implement and scale
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Maurits van Rees

Recruitment Consultant Programmatic Display & Social Advertising

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