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Finest People helps Amsterdam-based content marketers with finding the best suitable content marketing jobs. All jobs listed below require knowledge of- and experience in content marketing. Can’t find a suitable English content marketer role? Then get in touch with our content marketing recuiter, Mustapha Mkik, or check out our content marketer jobs for Dutch speaking professionals via the link.

Nederlandse Content Marketing vacatures

Need help finding a content marketing job?

Then get in touch with our specialized content marketing recruiter Mustapha Mkik. He is your go to person for discussing job possibilities in the current content marketing landscape. You can reach Mustapha via +3120 8200 676 or

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Finest People is a recruitment consultancy for digital marketing & -sales professionals. We help our candidates with taking the best possible step in their careers, and we help our clients grow by attracting the best qualified (content marketing) talent out there.

We work on content marketing jobs for the smallest start-ups to the largest internationals with offices in and around Amsterdam. Think about Publishers, Advertisers, Media- and Performance Agencies, Tech Organizations, NGOs, et cetera.

Want to find out which organization is behind an content marketing job post? Please contact one of our recruitment consultants.

Finest People offers content marketing jobs in different levels and types. For example, think of content marketing manager jobs, content marketing starter jobs, content marketing team lead jobs, content marketing specialist jobs, etcetera.

The salary of a content marketing specialist is highly dependent on the type of employer, location, required seniority in the position, and a number of other factors.

Active in content marketing? And curious about what your salary could be as a content marketing specialist? Then contact our specialized content marketing recruitment consultant. He is happy to show you what range you’re in, based on your knowledge and experience.

Job interview tips

A successful job application process is largely due to thorough preparation. We are familiar with the market and we know how you can present yourself to our clients as well as possible. Prepare yourself with our best job interview tips!

Check out our most important job interview tips!

The procedure

Applications that you leave on our website will only be submitted to Finest People. In addition, we only introduce you to interesting clients when our recruitment consultant and you both agree that you are a good fit for the discussed role.

Step 1 – Apply for the job:

After applying for the job you’ll receive an e-mail where you will be asked to fill in our intake-form. Afterwards we’ll contact you as soon as possible. Want to get in touch before we do? Call +3120 8200 676.

Step 2 – Getting acquainted:

A recruiter with deeper knowledge of your go-to market will get in touch with you. During a scheduled call, you’ll get to know each other, discuss your professional background, determine your USP’s and review more roles that could be interesting for you.

Step 3 – Introduction:

Excited about one of the jobs we’ve discussed? And does your profile match our clients criteria? Then we’ll introduce you to set up an interview!

Step 4 – The first interview:

If there’s mutual interest, we’ll schedule an interview for you. In this first interview you’ll discuss the role, talk about your professional background, and both check if there’s a click.

Step 5 – The follow-up:

You’ve been invited to a second interview! It’s common that the client asks you to make a case study (on beforehand or during this interview) to show that you’re competent enough to meet the standards of the role.

Step 6 – A match!

Does it feel like this role is made for you? No doubt? Pleased with the conditions? And is the employer excited too?! Then we can congratulate you on your new job!

To all the jobs

Hiring content marketers in Amsterdam?

Finest People Amsterdam is your go-to recruitment agency for hiring content marketing professionals in and around Amsterdam. Our network consists of content marketing professionals for both permanent and temporary employment. So your organization will never have to deal with a (temporary) capacity shortage. Whether you are looking for a junior content marketing professional, a content marketing specialist, a content marketing manager or even a complete content marketing team. Find out more via the links below.

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