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About Finest People Singapore

Finest People Singapore opened its doors in 2014 with a focus across Search Marketing, Social Advertising, Programmatic Display and Media Sales requirements across all levels.

After approximately a year of recruiting, market analysis and collecting information, the team saw an upcoming demand in CRM, Analytics, Data Science, AdTech Sales, CRO and Growth Marketing. We have taken the lead to build a wide network of top-performing talents across these different industries.

By constantly innovating, the team is getting ahead to deliver to the current needs and anticipate future demands within the Singapore digital media landscape — truly making them the experts in their field.

How we work

At Finest People, we bridge the two sides of the recruitment process. We don’t just help our candidates find their next job; we enable them to take the best possible step toward the future they envision for themselves.

As for our clients, the most exciting companies in Singapore, we don’t stop at filling a role; we support their growth by attracting the best qualified digital talents in the field to join their teams and drive results.


At Finest People, we always work from our core purpose: Development. We stand for the development of our clients’ organisations, the development of our candidates’ careers, the development of Finest People as an organisation, but above all, the development of our team members as individuals. Each of our stakeholders are treated as individuals—not numbers—allowing us to build and nurture long-lasting relationships with the people we work with.

Core values

All members at Finest People play a significant and impactful role in the growth of our company. With everything we do, we:

  • Take complete responsibility;
  • Create solutions;
  • Show respect;
  • Are quick but we don’t hurry, and;
  • Enjoy the journey.


Personal and professional growth is a priority at Finest People. With our continuous training program, teammates are encouraged to develop and supplement their learning process with our library of self-help and personal development books. We also encourage living a healthy lifestyle by providing the team with our fully equipped company kitchen.

We take complete responsibility as an individual and as a reliable colleague. Therefore, we truly take ownership of our time. Soon as you join the team, you will already be provided with a grocery and mobile allowance.

As soon as you unlock the next levels on our career roadmap, you can unlock more perks such as parking fee or transportation (grab to and from home to office), an electric scooter, Vespa, international travels, shopping perks which can be across gadgets, fashion, household items and much more.

The daily life at FP

What’s a day in the life of the Finest People Singapore team like? Our team constantly works in a dynamic and collaborative environment with a primacy on open communication, taking responsibility, and continuous personal development.

We are always in conversations with the most competent and highly motivated professionals in Singapore’s digital marketing space. Learning on the job is made easy; at the same time, no time is wasted in driving results in the name of influencing people’s growth.

Interested in working with us?!

Then apply via one of our vacancies, or contact Janeth Lorente to schedule an introduction! You can reach Janeth via +65 6018 5800or

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