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Recruitment in Digital Marketing & -Sales

Finest People is a recruitment consultancy for digital marketing & -sales professionals. We help our candidates with taking the best possible step in their careers, and we help our clients grow by attracting the best qualified digital talent out there.

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How we work

Because all recruiters at Finest People Singapore have their own focus discipline, they can always provide our clients and candidates with the best advice. By keeping to this focus since 2014, we have built up a valuable network in our niche.

This also enables us to act quickly and make strong matches on both professionalism and personality/culture. With an aim for long-term partnerships, we always take development (for all stakeholders) as our main starting point.

Finest People Singapore

Finest People Singapore opened its doors in 2014 with a focus across Search Marketing, Social Advertising, Programmatic Display and Media Sales requirements across all levels. After approximately a year of recruiting, market analysis and collecting information, the team saw an upcoming demand in CRM, Analytics, Data Science, AdTech Sales, CRO and Growth Marketing.

They have taken the lead to build a wide network of top-performing talents across these different industries. By constantly innovating, they’re getting ahead to deliver to the current needs and anticipate future demands within the Singapore digital media landscape — truly making them the expert in their field.

Lead by example to give recruitment a better name

It is not without reason that the classic, “The success of an organization is not what, but who”, is written in every business management book. Everyone knows that a good recruitment system, internal or external, forms the basis of a successful organization.

But the fact is that this idea is not yet in line with the general reputation of recruitment. Our ultimate goal is to change that by continuing to do what we do best: Lead by example to give recruitment a better name.


Brand promise

Our biggest promise is that we’ll always find you a suitable digital professional who wants to meet up for an interview. If we’re not sure we can deliver, we won’t start the assignment.

In addition, we promise the best guidance for both client and candidate. With always open and honest communication.

Eventually we can only prove this by doing it: “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”. You can try out our services without risk and without cost (in advance) with one of our products: No cure no pay. With this service you’ll only pay when someone is actually hired.

More about how we work


We’re known for living up to our one core purpose: development. We stand for the development of our clients’ organisations, our candidates’ careers, our team members as individuals, and for the development of our own organisation.

Open communication

It is a shame for all stakeholders if a lot is invested in a relationship in which you could have known in advance that it would not lead to the desired result. That is why we are always open in our communication and give our best advice, leaving both clients and candidates free in their choices.

Guidance during the application process

A successful application process is largely due to thorough preparation. We are familiar with the market and know how you can present yourself as well as possible to our clients. You will receive intensive guidance during the application process and the organisation and position will be described to you in detail.

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