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Our recruitment consultants have been in touch with the best performing digital talent of the Singapore digital media landscape since 2014. They know everything about heir strengths, their weaknesses and in what kind of organisation they would most likely excel.

The professionals in our network are available for both permanent and temporary employment. So your organization will never have to deal with a (temporary) capacity shortage. Whether you are looking for a young professional, a specialist, a digital leader or a complete digital team.


A partnership with Finest People is always tailor-made, but can be divided into three different types, based on urgency and the number of vacant roles. No cure no pay for a non-binding partnership, Retained search for a partnership with best efforts obligation, and setting up a Project for a partnership with a dedicated team to fill multiple (urgent) roles.

No cure no pay

No cure no pay is our most accessible form of cooperation. This form is mainly chosen by clients who want to be kept informed of profiles that are of interest to them.

For no cure no pay, no advance payment is required, only a time investment in the form of a briefing (ideally) at the client’s location. The client only pays when an hire is made and the recruitment agency has no obligation in terms of effort.

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Retained search

Retained search is for clients who desire a guaranteed service of level agreement with Finest People. These search assignments are placed on highest priority in resource allocation within the firm, therefore a commitment fee is paid in advance which will also then be deducted from the total fee to be settled after the final mediation.

Retained search has the same price as no cure no pay, the difference is that the invoicing is divided over two moments. Retained search is a more intensive cooperation that tends more towards a partnership. These assignments have priority over no cure no pay, and are taken up by several recruitment consultants.

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For multiple vacancies we offer the possibility to start a project. For this form of cooperation, an internal project group will be set up to work with you diligently until all the vacant roles have been filled.

A project is always accompanied by an extensive briefing, kick-off, timeline and finish. Projects are accompanied by a kick-off fee and a success fee per mediation or a final fee based on subsequent costing. Projects always have priority over no cure no pay and retained assignments.

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Our biggest brand promise is that we will always find a suitable candidate who wants to meet with you.

If we can’t say with certainty that we can make a suitable match, we don’t start the assignment. In addition, we promise the best guidance for both client and candidate. With always open and honest communication.

Questions regarding hiring new digital marketing or digital sales professionals? Please contact one of our recruitment consultants using this form.

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