Digital Strategist, Long-Term Agency Partner to Brands | Digital Advertising, SEA Region | Salary up to SGD 4.2k max

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  • Do you want enjoy dabbling into the possibilities within the digital ecosystem?
  • Do you enjoy working with data to come up with compelling strategies?
  • Do you just want to take confidence and ownership of your work?
  • Are you particular about joining a highly stimulating work environment?

Then this could be the big opportunity you have long been prepared to take! 

Your new employer: They have fun solving problems, they celebrate projects in confidence, because why not be a geek, weird and fun altogether?

Your new employer has the best of what Singapore has to offer—culture, growth, fun people, fun projects, opportunities to rise to challenges, hone creativity and problem solving skills. They take pride in striking a balance through high performance and high level of care within the company.
This agency is not too young. It has been around in the late 200s, although they managed to stay young, vibrant, new, soulful and relevant. This is clear through their projects, clients, awards and own people. This company is not your ordinary agency. Each day is the same—whereby you are always itching to come back to work alongside your teammates. Do you want to step up your game in Social Media? Do you want to be surrounded by seasoned professionals, alongside the young blood?   

Your next Role; Digital Strategist

As a Digital Strategist

Your Curiosity is your Main Strength 
You are someone who asks logical questions that connect the dots to unravel problems and bridge solutions. Drawing from your exposure across vast topics and domains, you are someone who has developed a great deal of habit reading and analyzing. Your creativity to formulate solutions comes from your ability to organize your thoughts and utilize the resources around you. Nothing is as complex when it is broken down into smaller chunks. To you, everything has to make sense.

High Degree of Collaboration
You are able to capitalize on the team’s assets, skills and resources because you already have a very good understanding of various digital touch points that audience and consumers interact with. With this, you are able to figure out how to link all these pieces together in a cohesive and coordinated process. You are then able to gather the team more effectively to come up with a digital journey map for the brand.
Working with teams across client servicing, social, creative  and tech are not foreign to you. You know how to speak their language and processes. You know how to get them engaged and involved.
Defining the Digital Journey
In order to operate effectively, your main responsibilities lie in setting digital marketing strategies using necessary tools such as analytics, social analytics, surveys, focus groups and other third party research. Drawing from these formats and data, you are able to identify opportunities and forecast trends using a variety of performance metrics.
Working backwards across digital touch points, you are able to define communication goals and plan marketing and communication roadmaps. You are able to understand the consumer journey and experience, therefore you also effectively communicate on how to optimize for business conversions.

What would we like you to bring 

Inquisitive mind through good knowledge foundation
Drawing from your high interest in the digital marketing space, you are well versed on the ins and outs of social media, e-commerce, and general online advertising within Singapore and across the SEA region.
This is possible through establishing a good knowledge around usage of Google Analytics and other marketing tools.
Reverse the technology
Fuelling your constant eagerness to find out more about the data and research gathered, you can play around effectively with MS Excel (Pivot tables) and tell a deeper story about a brand and its possibilities.
This goes without saying, you are highly analytical and you pay attention to clues around you. You are naturally investigative and you find joy in exploring what can be unravelled and built through information.
Enthusiasm for Discovery
In always having a self-starter mindset, you find excitement in new discoveries and the ability to translate research, data and performance insights to stories.
Ideally, you have had two years working in this nature to build a strong case for your profile.

Opportunity of a Lifetime: 

  • Grow within a company, each day counts, and so will your years
  • Salary of up to SGD 4,200
  • Work with passionate and receptive people whom you will build the company with
  • An opportunity to be build yourself, focus on great work and do more with a supportive team
  • Take pride in how the company and your project performs
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Jamaica Oliva

Senior Recruitment Manager Sales & Marketing

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