Senior Content Marketing Manager | Business-savvy, Creative, Seamless, B2B Tech| Salary up to SGD 7k+

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  • Does branding excite you? How about doing it for an upcoming Global brand, with an already established massive presence in their existing products?
  • Do you want a strong collaborative work across Branding, Marketing and Groowth? Work with teams of experts, wit you being the Content expert?
  • Do you want to take on the challenge of articulating content that is valuable in the enterprise world?
  • Do you stand for something that will solve the challenges faced by companies when it cmes to seamless communication and collaborative work?
  • Do you want to develop an omni-channel marketing strategy across all types of channels be it blogs, social media, landing pages etc.

You are vibrant and ready for the future ahead of you. Read on!

Company: From Creative Content Platforms to Office Suite 

This company is well known across the globe, pioneering in consumer-centric products that brought more color to life through social media. It is not a surprise at all, in everything they do and all the things they used as a tool for achieving success are crisp and built to serve the business. And so the story goes like this– In doing their business, this company leveraged and highly relies on their own proprietary platforms. It was so effective and useful to their global businesses that it proved to be something that can be sold in the market.
Due to the growing demand for solutions in the market, and a predicted next-billion dollar industry, they have silently and privately selling in the market, providing freemiums at the same time while further improving the product. They took social media by storm and people love it. Now, another game-changer, for enterprises, for businesses, it does not really matter what industry or size you are in.

A global company, powered by AI, fueled by global people 

First of all, you are someone who values making the most out of your time. You are laser-focused in your goals therefore your brain is wired to challenge current systems and you just easily pay attention to knowing what questions to ask and easily recognizes solutions.

You are someone who comes with a strong business acumen, a digital expert who knows the big picture in combining both.

More than anything, you understand that all of technology is simply a means to achieving what matters to people whether it be in business or in a specific endeavor. Therefore, you understand how to communicate, you understand how to design and communication and digital marketing funnel for a seamless accessibility and acquisition to customers who will find great value in the product you represent.

 The Role; Senior Content Marketing Manager 

  • The business has several products, and this is one of them, their very first that caters to B2B. Do you enjoy B2B marketing?
  • As a senior person in this role, you will ensure that all marketing content is of the highest quality, you have a goal of nurturing potential customers.
  • Exciting times, you will work closely with the Branding and Marketing teams to formulate content strategies across all channels, including blogs, social media, and landing page
  • As a subject matter expert, you will develop thought leadership materials such as case studies, white papers, blog posts, social media posts, webinars, newsletters, and PowerPoint presentations
  • The results will speak for itself, as a great part of even greater campaigns, you will attract potential customers and retain existing customers through well-developed content with deep industry insights
  • Through your years of experience and understanding of work flow processes, you will manage the full process of content development, from idea generation to implementation to analysis
  • As colorful as it gets, and as serious as the goals are you will collaborate with the rest of the Marketing team to maximize impact across all channels
  • You know it by heart, you will craft which is an never-ending journey of adaptability and improvement, you will craft landing pages and lead generation content to distribute through relevant digital channels (affiliate, display, SEM, and social media) to prospective clients


 What we would like you to bring: 

  • You are someone experience, you have at least 5 years of experience working at a marketing agency, in the media, or in a content role at a high growth SaaS company
  • You are without a doubt, someone who finds strength through their excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Your combined experience in content marketing, including strategy and distribution is absolutely unmatching, and you know it will keep improving through more experience
  • You have the ability to develop interesting and impactful content on blogs, social media and websites
  • Your ability to think creatively is expressed in who you are in full, reflected through your work
  • You respect deadlines, you have hard and fast rules for the small things. Therefore you are also highly organized.
  • Basic SEO knowledge and skills
  • Strong team player; comfort with working across various
  • Strong sense of ownership and determination to get things done 


What they offer: 

  • Competitive salary depending on your level
  • Be part of the world’s most valuable startup to date, with massive unimaginable global footprint
  • Strong balance between learning and execution and ideation, work with the best technology and experts in different fields
  • Experience being part of reality in the creation of products that truly knows no limits in geographies, languages and culture. Take pride in enabling businesses to do more
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