Social Media Manager for a Beauty Brand | Social Commerce, Campaign Autonomy | SGD 5,500

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  • Do you want to be a part of a lifestyle brand that promotes wellness and beauty among women?
  • Do you want to step up your game in social media and join a social commerce company?
  • Are you excited to be a global player? And talk to audience outside of the Asia region?
  • Do you enjoy handling, growing and keeping your social media followers and groom them to the core ambassadors of your products?
  • Are you a team player and ready to utilize the company’s ability to come up with compelling and viral content?
  • Do you want a cool vibe at work and to always do something that excites you?

Then this could be the big opportunity you have long been prepared to take! 

Your new employer: An innovative company that combines product development and marketing that totally disrupted the health, beauty and fitness industry

Your new employer is one of the booming players in the wellness industry. They have been around in the early years of the last decade and have since put up offices across different continents globally.
They are one of the pioneers in social selling within Singapore and have managed to cater to millions of following in social media that directly buy their products. They built online communities that help people have a better lifestyle through their products and services. Catering to women worldwide, they truly empower a world of no boundaries.

Your next Role; Social Media Manager 

As a Social Media Manager:

  • The core purpose of this role is to build, develop and nurture the brand’s fandom
  • As a Social Media Manager, you are seasoned, you are an expert in the field and you understand deeply how content, community management, paid media, the right channel all play part on the building the product’s branding and how it overall affects revenue
  • Having keen eye for beauty and meaningful content, you are easily able to source and create beautiful, cool, uniques and inspiring photos, videos and content that will fill up everyone’s days through people’s social media feed
  • As you are already obviously familiar in, you will keep challenging your exposure and experience in social media strategies. You will develop innovative approaches in social media strategies that will speak to the global audience
  • You are not boxed in terms of possibilities, tools are there to be utilized, the only limit is your mind. You will speak to various audiences across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Reddit, Blogs etc.
  • Building loyalty across customers and increasing the product’s following, you will relentlessly engage with the audience and lead a strong digital experience. You are bound by your creativity and understanding of customer and lifestyle journey  to spearhead unique and meaningful campaigns that drive engagement and reach
  • You are a social media manager that knows the soul of what ticks your followers, you understand how to effectively build an emotional connection
  • A person that feeds on curiosity, you are someone who is inquisitive and innovative. You are at the forefront of the latest market trends through listening to conversation online, you are experienced with monitoring competitor feeds and know where to look for what’s trending in the celebrity culture and society
  • You know how to steer and make strategic suggestions to the brand
    You are so confident with your craft and have the discipline to hone what you already have and you can effectively develop frameworks and actively monitor he performance progress across social media platforms and campaigns
  • Knowing that success speaks for itself, you will monitor the company’s online reputation on 3rd party product reviews and beauty websites
  • On a regular basis, you will ebgage with customers talking about the company and product and make reports on hot conversation topics

What would we like you to bring 

  • Your vigor for doing things you are passionate about is a must
  • Your open-mindedness to ideas, approaches, creativity and ability to be challenge and to give challenge to others
  • Your true fun self, your willingness to step up your game and enthusiasm to learn
  • Your no-shortcut approach to success
  • Your knowledge within the social media domain
  • Your ability to form and foster great relationships with everyone
  • Your non-apologetic high standards
  • Your keen eye for beauty, creativity and what works
  • Your smart decisive self
  • Your best practices applied in your own pages
  • 1st hand experience in implementing and optimizing of social media strategies
  • Digital design experience
  • Excellence in creating photo and video content using SLR camera
  • Effectively manage and communicate to designers in editing created content
  • Ability to organized and know how to prioritize across several projects at once
  • Know how in creative assets editing


Opportunity of a Lifetime: 

  • Grow within a company, each day counts, and so will your years
  • Salary of up to SGD 6k max
  • Lifestyle spending account
  • An opportunity to be one of a kind of a Social Media Manager
  • See yourself with oozing confidence, silent and humble with your own credits
  • Freedom to act on your ideas
  • Take pride in how the company and your project performs
  •  Enjoy an open culture, flat hierarchy and co-operative atmosphere
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Jamaica Oliva

Senior Recruitment Manager Sales & Marketing

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