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Finest People has been active in the recruitment of Singapore-based Account Managers since 2014. We’ve built up a broad professional network with a high diversity in skills and seniority. We’re specialized in connecting organizations with Account Managers with a strong background in Media, Ecommerce, Advertising, and Tech- and SaaS sales.

As our foundation is rooted in development, we also aim to help our candidates in taking the best possible step in their careers, and for our clients to grow by attracting the best-qualified account management talent out there.

Getting in touch

Who do we recruit for?

With client management and strengthening relations being a pertinent part of business, we can proudly say we are servicing a wide variety of clients within the digital marketing landscape. Among others, we’re recruiting account managers for Media agencies, Publishers, AdTech, and MarTech companies, E-commerce players, Start-ups & Scale-ups, and (tech) Unicorns.

Need help finding account managers?

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Curious to find out if we can help your organization with hiring good Account Managers? Then drop the URL to your job description in the field to your right, or briefly describe the vacant role. Your submission is non committal.

When you’ve pressed the send-button, our specialized recruiter will thoroughly review your vacant role(s). After this, she’ll get in touch with you by phone or email. And once you’ve agreed terms, you’ll be introduced to the first potential Account Managers fairly quickly!

Good to know: all candidates introduced by Finest People are always aware of when and to whom they are introduced. And to ensure a smooth hiring process, both candidate and client are always provided with as much information as possible.

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Recruiting Account Managers in Singapore

Account managers are crucial to ensure a strong client relationship. But the struggle with recruiting the right account manager, is finding talent..

  • that thrives in a specific industry and market
  • with a (very) specific skill-set
  • with a strong fit in a specific company culture.

When you decide to collaborate with Finest People Singapore, you and your organization no longer have to worry about these things.

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Brand promise

Our biggest promise is that we’ll always find you a suitable Account Manager who wants to meet up for an interview. If we’re not sure we can deliver, we won’t start the assignment.

In addition, we promise the best guidance for both client and candidate. With always open and honest communication. Eventually we can only prove this by doing it: “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”. You can try out our services without risk and without cost (in advance) with one of our products: No cure no pay. With this service you’ll only pay when someone is actually hired.

Non committal vacancy-check


We’re known for always living up to our one core purpose: development. We stand for the development of our clients’ organisations, our candidates’ careers, our team members as individuals, and for the development of Finest People as an organization.

Customized recruitment solutions

Our team has spoken to many Account Management professionals in Singapore with varying years of experience. They come from different kinds of companies and have dealt with a wide variety of clients across various markets.

With our laser-focused recruitment approach, we ensure that the talents we endorse fit the job description and the company’s culture. What’s even better? We can easily reach out to them to set up an interview with interested clients!

Interested to hear more? Leave a message via the contact form, or directly contact us through +65 6018 5800.

More info

Transparent communication

It would be a waste of time for both parties if a lot of effort is invested into a relationship, when you could have known that it would not lead to the desired result. That’s why we’re always open in our communication, and why we’re giving our best advice at all times, leaving both clients and candidates free in their choices.

Hiring an account manager, or want to know more about hiring account managers in Singapore? Then leave a message via the contact form, or directly get in touch via +65 6018 5800.

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