CRM Marketeer (Junior, Medior and Senior) | One of the fastest growing scale-ups in European history | Build unique and complex campaigns for over 150 countries | Multicultural team of over 30 nationalities | Up to 62.500 | Amsterdam

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Disclaimer: Only people who are currently living in the Netherlands are eligible for this position!

Your new job: CRM Marketeer for the fastest growing E-commerce platforms on the globe

•    Are you looking to work for a rapidly expanding client-side E-commerce specialist operating on a global scale?
•    Do you have what it takes to utilize 6 million customer data profiles to build unique, personal and heavily data driven campaigns for each of 150 countries?
•    Would you like to work for a unique product that is all about offering massive convenience on a global scale, used by millions of people?
•    And do you wish to work for an employer that heavily encourages you to chase your own ideas, provides the freedom you need to do what you do best and takes care of their employees like a family?

If this piques your interest, then you’ll definitely want to have a further look into this. Read on!

Your new employer: The global player with a unique digital solution for consumers worldwide

Young, yet filled to the brim with both proven success and massive potential, that’s pretty much this organization in a nutshell. Almost 10 years ago they started out with a unique proposition. To build an E-commerce platform focused on digital products and services that could provide massive convenience to consumers all over the planet, with a strong focus for consumer protection.

Fast forward to today, and we are looking at an organization operating on a global scale, collaborating with a large multicultural team of over 30 nationalities, offering solutions to consumers for almost a thousand brands and are backed by multiple large and well know investors to really start taking over the world!

Despite the massive growth already experienced they are still so far from done. Already present in just about every country there is, they are now focused on really building their brand in the market and expanding their customer base, which still has so much untapped potential. In order to make these plans for the future a reality they are in need of you to reinforce their team!

Your next job: The CRM Marketeer working on building massive data-driven campaigns with a personal approach for each market!

So, what’s going to happen? As the latest CRM Marketeer you will become part of the Customer Lifecycle Management team and take responsibility over their largest and most important marketing channel. You will be in charge of creating and designing automated customer journeys and campaigns covering over 6 million people and 150 countries! A giant and diverse playing field available where you get the freedom to bring all of your ideas and creativity to life!

Relevancy and personalization is truly the name of the game. With so many people, countries, cultures and languages there’s always something to keep in mind when it comes to bringing the most relevant message. Not all journeys will be about conversion however. A lot of campaigns will be oriented towards customer education and providing information that are aimed to turn readers into fans! Any idea that you can think of and bring to life, will be put to use!

Speaking about journeys, what about yours? When working for this organization you will find yourself emersed in a wonderful informal and supportive environment where fun is definitely on the menu. Always looking out for new ways to support you in your development as a person or professional. You are encouraged to come forward with your own ideas, given the freedom to follow up on these, and above all be given the room to fail and learn, as a failed attempt can be one of the greatest teaching moments.

If you are looking for an amazing opportunity to work on a global scale to really lift you expertise to a new level and work together with a team of truly fantastic people, then this opportunity is definitely worth taking a shot!

What do we need from you?

As the new CRM Marketeer, either on Junior, Medior or Senior level, for the global E-commerce digital solutions supplier we need the following from you:
•    A minimum of 1 year of experience as a CRM marketing specialist is a must, preferably in an international environment
•    Experience with Larger ESP’s such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Selligent or Copernica is a great plus
•    Good understanding of mobile messaging is a great plus
•    HTML proficiency is a great plus
•    Experience with Customer Data Platforms is also a nice bonus
•    Excellent communicative abilities is definitely needed
•    You live in or around the area of Amsterdam

What will you get in return?

•    A salary of up to 62.500, based on the years of experience
•    Support for working from home
•    A personal development plan
•    A personal budget to support development opportunities
•    Regular mental and physical wellbeing events
•    An open, informal and supportive working environment
•    And of course wonderful parties with awesome colleagues

Is this going to be your next challenge?

Take the step and let us hear from you! Apply immediately via the application button below, send your CV and motivation to or give us a call at +31 20 8200 676.

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