Digital Data Analyst | Part of Digital Transformation | Multi-Channel Analyzing | 70k | Frankfurt

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  • Do you want to be part of a digital transformation within a multinational?
  • Do you have strong experience in analyzing multiple digital marketing & media channels?
  • Do want to be involved on both the data strategy and operations-side?

The Company: world-renowned multinational in consumer-tech electronics.

For over sixty years, this company is leading the way in consumer electronics. This brand is known in every continent of the earth and chances are that most households or offices will hold a product of this brand. More than 70.000 employees worldwide strive every day to invent, design, produce, distribute and sell  products which makes your life easier and more fun.
The global pandemic of 2020 is a real nightmare for a lot of people and companies. However, some companies actually benefit from it. Our client is a company like that. With the increasing amounts of people that work from home, creating home-offices, they actually profit from this development. So for them this is the moment to head-up they digital presence in Europe. This means that they are currently at the start of a digital transition and you can be part of that.

The role: Digital Data Analyst | Based in Frankfurt

Brace yourselves. You will be the person who will deliver valuable insights and solutions that really make a difference. You will have a key role in fundamentally changing how business and marketing are operated then ever before. So if you have a strong analytical background and you are not afraid to role op your sleeves and enter this challenging phase, please read on.


You will be responsible for developing and driving a Data Strategy Roadmap, in which you will break down KPI’s and map out data requirements. To do this you will use different data pools like DV360, Mobile, eCRM, etc and set up a data architecture. By doing this you will work with multiple intern and external multidisciplinary teams. You are comfortable working with these teas, giving directives and demands in order to get to the right results.

You will drive data-driven performance marketing channels and will be responsible for creating tailor-made frameworks for different organizational levels. You will document your way of working and progress and you are comfortable to work with data-tools like:

  • Brand tracking data, survey data, syndicated data (Mintel, traQline, etc)
  • Digital Data from Martech platforms – DV360, SA360 (SEA) and GA360 (Analytics)
  • Customer data (CRM)
  • Sales data (NPD)
  • Geospatial data
  • IoT data

Desired experience for this role

At least six years of experience within strategic digital data analysis in performance based marketing and advertising. You have experience with several data and marketing platforms and in-depth knowledge of how to use and analyze data pools, building a digital data strategy and execute this. You have experience working with internal and external teams and you know how to challenge them. You have experience with building utilizable data points to actively understand and steer the digital marketing campaigns. You have an understanding but preferably deep knowledge of the consumer electronics market.

Required: professional level of German and English in speaking and writing

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