Medior CRM Marketeer | Fashion | Global | 45K-60K p/j | Amsterdam

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Your new job: The Medior CRM Specialist for one of the most iconic fashion brands on the planet! | Amsterdam

•    Have you always wanted to work for one of the most well-known and iconic fashion brands that has lefts it’s mark all across the globe?
•    Does it sound like an exciting challenge to closely collaborate with a Senior CRM Marketeer to start owning a base of over 3 million subscribers and work on expanding it even further?
•    Are you also the interested in an employer with heavy focus on achieving seamless and hyper personalized cross-channel customer journeys?
•    And are you the kind of person that synergises with the attitude ’’don’t tell why you can’t do it, tell us what you need to make it happen’’, that has been engraved in this company’s DNA?

Sounds good? Then this might be a great career opportunity for you!

Your new employer: One of the most iconic and well-known brands on the planet!

This fashion brand has been known for decades for their unique vision and the identifying characteristics of their product line. A brand where even the layman amongst the fashion industry will know them and recognise their products. It is that by this specific approach that they have been able to amass a huge public of enthusiastic fans that allowed them to really solidify their outstanding position in the market.

Despite their large scale success and global presence they are anything but either uptight and corporate, or exaggeratedly ‘’hip’’, like you sometimes see with some fashion brands. This organisation is filled with young and talented professionals who all carry a certain sobriety of character with them. All of them closely collaborate to bring a common goal to life, made possible by their venturous and pragmatic attitudes. That’s how they keep their heads cool and both feet firmly on the ground, so they get the most out of their brand, day after day.

In order to bring their brand even more alive they are currently working hard on professionalising one of their most important channels: CRM. The company is currently investing heavily into developing their CRM channel. This takes shape in both the further development of their Marketing Automation platform, as well as attracting the brightest minds on the market to further bolster their CRM Marketing capabilities. Something where you just might come in!

Your new job: The Medior CRM Specialist that’s going to revamp and upgrade the customer journeys on a global scale!

So, what’s the situation? Let’s first start at the team. The team currently has 4 dedicated specialists including a Head of CRM, a CRM lead, a Senior Loyalty Marketeer and a Senior CRM Marketeer. Each of these people has a strong and dedicated focus within the team, and it is with the Senior CRM Marketeer that you will be forming a close duo with.

Together with the Senior CRM Marketeer you will be responsible for the customer journeys for over 3+ Million current subscribers globally. It will be your goal to work toward creating the journeys that seamlessly utilise the channels of E-mail, web and App with a very strong focus on hyper personalised messaging, as both the current omni-channel utilisation and personalisation still have a lot of room for improvement. With these efforts you will realise the professionalisation of their most important marketing channel.

Aside from the professionalisation you will also be working on expanding the current subscriber base. It’s up to you to identify opportunities for creating the campaigns that will attract the new subscribers, and coordinate internally with other marketeers to get the content that you need and assure the campaigns of other marketeers are aligned with yours.

The complexity and challenge of this position is heavily reliant on you as a person and the initiatives you take. Next to nothing has yet been set in stone in the CRM Marketing Team, which offers a great deal of freedom. Freedom that does however come with responsibility. So both the running your campaigns and realising new ideas to fundamentally improve the way CRM Marketing is done are both within your capabilities!

What do we need from you?

As the new Medior CRM Specialist for one of the most iconic fashion brands on the globe, located in the region of Amsterdam, we would need the following from you:
•    Between 3-5 years of experience as a CRM marketing specialist
•    Experience with operating on an international level is a great plus
•    A great understanding of customer data profiles and personalisation is needed
•    Experience with cross-channel/omni-channel marketing is a big plus
•    You operate well in an environment with little guidelines or set structure
•    You live in/around the area of Amsterdam

What do you get in return?

•    A base salary between 45K and 60K, depending on your experience
•    The chance to organically develop your career progression along with the CRM team
•    An informal and pragmatic team if interdisciplinary marketing specialists
•    Employee discount on the products, naturally 😉
•    A company bicycle plan

Does this sound like your next career opportunity?

Take the step and make yourself known! Apply via the application button below, send your CV along with motivation to, or give me a call at +31 20 8200 676.
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