Operations Director for a Sports Marketing Company | APAC Region, digital teams | SGD 8,000 max

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  • Do you have passion for sports and have the sustained hunger to compete in a highly fast-paced environment?
  • Do you want to work with diverse teams across the APAC region?
  • Are you ready to perform in the capacity of an Operation Director that oversees digital marketing teams?
  • Do you want the energy of a startup, stability of similar to the biggest longest with-standing corporations and experience growth culture to a whole new level?
  • Do you have a thing for sports and similar passion in social media that you often-times find saying to yourself “I am so ready for my big break!”?

Then this could be the big opportunity you have long been prepared to take! 

Your new employer: Helping sports communicate to the world, enabling for a more passionate and connected world

Your new employer is a well-known Global Marketing Company, specializing with the sports industry that has been established in 1990s, now with over 200 full time experts across the globe whilst employing a network of freelancers, providing opportunities for people across Aisia.

What makes them special is firstly the mission they put upon themselves that gives them the most stable core purpose and reason for every single action or decision made throughout these years.

Secondly is how they do it through providing digital marketing strategies using 3 pillars which are Data, Content and Technology. Equally important, is their track record for developing people through learning, exposure, guided challenges and understanding how communication is being done across the worlds. There’s so many case studies to learn from that the have successfully executed.  

The Role; Operations Director

  • There are 3 core areas that you are expected to perform:
    1. Team Development
      • You have been consistently in a position where you developed performance oriented regional teams with close to 100% attendance in morning meetings, weekly reviews and holding everyone accountable to ongoing communication requirements
      • You have experience in developing a freelancer management network which provides into quality, strengths, rate card and performance
      • You have maintained an 80% above retention of key staff in region, proven to have made key decisions on people hiring/firing and training / development
    2. Performance
      • You and your team have delivered 80% of client’s performance targets across region with respect to social media, video and/or campaign execution
      • You did not have to be disciplined on ongoing performance issues of any specific region more than once in any one quarter
    3. Culture
      • You are someone who provides a positive and strong culture fit for company, achieves above a 16/20 for culture review form
  • As an Operations Director sitting from Singapore, the APAC regional hub, you will lead regional Country Managers, drive meetings, performance and accountability across regional teams
  • You will also take a lead on recruitment, training and onboarding for Country Managers and freelancers when needed
  • In an ongoing basis, you will be responsible for developing, researching and curating freelancer networks to deliver on marketing programs across region
  • You will also keep a close monitor on the management of regional budget, staffing allocation and cost efficiencies
  • Ensuring the teams’ efficiency, you will collect, manage and report on regional time sheets, track time against efficiencies and drive improvements
  • As a senior member in the organization, you will be managing disputes, firing, personal issues in region, and team development to ensure optimal team performance
  • As a seasoned professional in the field of digital marketing, you will be leading communication for regional marketing execution, ensuring regional teams understand goals, KPI, strategy and relevant information to succeed
  • Improving processes for insights generation, responding to client briefs, collecting information and preparing reports for business and account teams
  • You will conduct training for various online software tools, for example Asana, Hootsuite, Google Docs, Keynote, etc
  • You will prepare social media guidelines / plans for localized market execution (ie. Vietnam, Thailand)

Working with a Freelancer Network

  • Identify and develop an experienced network of freelancers across the region to provide reliable content creation and marketing solutions, including videographers, content creators, writers, translators.
  • Develop a process and management frequency to engage them and ensure a strong team spirit to ensure accountability is felt across the region.
  • Develop process to manage the productivity and best economics for managing freelancers, work within a budget and report to management
  • Develop a reporting and analysis system to measure the quality of freelancers across region, promote and retain good ones, address poor performing ones, etc

 What would we like you to bring 

  • You are someone who have worked in a global/regional hub with previous minimum of 5 years engaged with regional team’s communication across APAC, executing marketing campaigns, digital marketing programs
  • You know the ins and outs of having worked in digital agencies
  • Experience using marketing software and other online task management tools such as Asana, Hootsuite, Google Docs, Keynote, etc
  • You have an absolute passion in sports, digital, media and technology
  • Marketing execution experience across APAC region, in content, social media or brand activation
  • Sound understanding of digital marketing across APAC
  • Excellent collaborator and team player
  • Able to speak multiple languages (Chinese, Bahasa, Vietnamese, etc all advantageous)
  • Previous experience in international marketing digital agency
  • Proven communicator with assertiveness
  • A very well developed ‘can do’ attitude
  • Worked with technology teams, development teams
  • Practical, creative and positive attitude


Opportunity of a Lifetime: 

  • Work in an international company, work with the biggest teams/athletes in the world
  • Developing excellent creativity and content ideation
  • Spearhead diverse teams with ultra-creative capabilities
  • Develop refined performance marketing methodologies and tactics
  • Utilization of data in optimizing content creation
  • Grow into a leadership role
  • Competitive salary based on experience
  • Up to $1,500 for Private Health insurance
  • Join a highly results-driven organization
  • Possibility of International travel
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